New agency, Isikhanyiso, comes bearing light for all your communications needs.

Johannesburg, April 6, 2021 – Isikhanyiso Creative, a new PR and Communications agency, has officially opened its doors for business. The 100% black female owned agency aims to connect brands and consumers with the assistance well thought-out messaging of content and influencer services.

“Isikhanyiso which means ‘luminary/light’ in IsiXhosa, is what the owners hope to bring to the Public Relations and Communications space. “In the true essence of luminaries, we hope to inspire and be influential in the spaces we currently occupy and those we’ll go on to occupy in future, not only as an agency but as two young, black women” says Co-Founder, Olwethu Boso.

The agency was birthed from the job losses that founders, Nombulelo Fox and Olwethu Boso faced as a result of COVID-19. After receiving freelance work during this period, both Fox and Boso saw the light and chose to create jobs for themselves by starting Isikhanyiso.

Isikhanyiso offers a number of services such as public relations (from strategy to execution), media relations, content creation, talent management and influencer marketing (from mining, strategy and execution) for big and small brands.

“As someone who worked for award-winning agencies in the past four years, I realised the most important thing to have as a public relations specialist, was a good network of people. The very same network that I had, was what helped build Isikhanyiso’s clientele. We’ve been fortunate enough to work on amazing campaigns since the year started and this is just the beginning for us,” says Fox.

One of Isikhanyiso’s biggest goal, is to help create employment for other creatives who’ve faced a similar ordeal as a result of the pandemic. We’re putting together our resources, key expertise and network to form strategic partnerships between the agency, creatives and brands, and help produce amazing and results-driven work.

The pair boasts over four years’ experience between them namely within public relations and journalism. Their experience working across both consumer and corporate clients has helped them find their niche and ensure that they deliver top tier work for their clients within the business-to-consumer space.


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